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Spring 2024 - Private Lesson Policy

  • The cost of the full Spring Semester is $700, plus a $60 Materials Fee.  You may divide the semester cost into 5 payments (due the first day of Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May). Tuition will be prorated if you begin after January 8, 2024.

  • If you chose to pay the full semester balance in January, you will reduce your cost by $35. 

  • The Spring Semester includes 19 events: 17 private lessons (30-minute), 1 group class, and 1 performance.

  • Payment is accepted in cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo.

  • A $25 late fee will be assessed if your payment is not received on or before the first day of the month, and lessons will not resume the 2nd week if payment has not been made.

  • Materials, books, sheet music, festival fees, and late payment charges will be deducted from your student's Materials Fee Account.  The balance of this account will be brought up to $60 at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.  New families will see this $60 charge on their first invoice. 

  • We do not offer make-up lessons.  If your child is ill or unable to attend their lesson in person, you have the option of switching to an online lesson (Zoom) that will be held at your child's regular lesson time.  Please notify your teacher before noon on your lesson day.

  • If being online is not possible, you may send a video to your child's teacher of a piece your child is working on. Your child's teacher will send back a video response.

  • If your child's teacher is ill, you will be offered an online lesson.  

  • If your child's teacher is not available to teach, a substitute teacher will be provided.  If a sub is not available, you will be issued a lesson credit. 

  • Students are expected to practice at home at least 3-5 days a week.

  • A parent may attend the lesson the first 2 weeks only.  Siblings my not attend the lesson.  The church's Safe Sanctuary Policy requires that a parent be in the building and nearby during the lesson.  There are sitting areas available for families to comfortably wait for their student.  

  • You will receive an automated text message 24 hours before every scheduled event.

  • Failure to follow these stated policies may result in being dismissed from the studio.

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