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   Programs Tailor Made for All Needs   

Koistinen Music & Arts Studio offers private lessons for students age 6 to 104!  All students are taught a Growth Mindset:  that new skills are sometimes hard, but the effort of learning that new skill makes them smarter and stronger. 

Students also often play music that they've already learned in past lessons. This way they see first hand that something that "used to be hard" isn't any more.  That inspires them to tackle a new skill.  These problem-solving strategies can be applied to every area of a student's life! 

Our teachers often use theory games to practice skills that are then applied to new learning.  Plus, learning at the Koistinen Music & Arts Studio will always involve movement.  Students learn on and off the piano bench! 


"We started piano lessons with Ms. Linda Koistinen (Ms. K.) for our son in Spring 2020 when we lived in the Sugar Land area. She is extremely dedicated, talented, and caring and makes the students feel comfortable throughout the journey.

Her teaching style is very effective and the kids always come back home excited. The lessons are not just about learning piano. Her students get exposed to other musical instruments and aspects of music. There is always something new that gets introduced every year.

We are very happy and impressed with her dedication and passion so much that we continued with Ms. K even after we moved out of Sugar Land and also now have her as our daughter's piano teacher. Learning piano has been so much fun for our kids and we are happy we found her."  -TT and ST

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